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JBS Swift E. coli Outbreak Lawsuit

Marler Clark’s E. coli lawyers sued JBS Swift Beef Company in United States District Court for the District of Colorado on July 6, 2009, on behalf of a victim of the 2009 E. coli outbreak tied to meat produced in the JBS Swift Greeley, Colorado slaughterhouse.  The plaintiff in the suit, a young boy, developed hemolytic uremic syndrome. In the following weeks, the law firm filed another lawsuit on behalf of a Wisconsin boy sickened in the outbreak who also developed hemolytic uremic syndrome. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 23 people became ill with E. coli O157:H7 infections after consuming JBS Swift meat products produced in April of 2009 and recalled in June of 2009.  The recalled products included intact cuts of beef, such as primals, sub-primals, or boxed beef typically used for steaks and roasts.  Some of the meat was manufactured into ground beef products after distribution.   


Food Safety Advocates Marler Clark File First e. coli Lawsuit against JBS Swift Beef Company

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E. coli Lawsuit Filed Against JBS Swift Beef Company

You can learn more about the JBS Swift E. coli outbreak and meat recall on the Marler Clark website.

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