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On May 28, 2002, an E. coli outbreak alert was sent to health departments, physicians, and hospitals in New York and New Jersey after the identification of a sudden increase in E. coli infections. Health officials traced the illnesses of three children, two from Orangeburg, NY, and one from Paramus, NJ, to the consumption of ground beef produced by BJ's Wholesale Club.

More than two months after the last child had become ill, BJ's Wholesale Club sent a notice to club members who had purchased 90% lean ground beef between May 8 and May 13, 2003 in West Nyack, New York, the store linked to the first two children's illnesses, informing them that the product might contain E. coli O157:H7. Shoppers at the Paramus, New Jersey BJ's Wholesale Club, the store that sold the meat that the third child consumed, were never notified.

The E. coli lawyers at Marler Clark represented all three children in E. coli claims against BJ's Wholesale Club.


Marler Clark, E. coli victims sue BJ’s Wholesale Club for $25 Million

E. coli victim sues BJ's Wholesale Club

You can read more about the BJ's Wholesale Club E. coli outbreak on the Marler Clark-sponsored site about E. coli.

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