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Marler Clark’s E. coli lawyers filed lawsuits on behalf of Michigan State University (MSU) and University of Michigan students who became ill with E. coli O157:H7 infections after eating contaminated lettuce served at campus dining centers in September of 2008.  The students were part of an E. coli outbreak that ultimately resulted in at least 45 illnesses among residents in Michigan, Illinois, and Ontario, Canada.  In addition to the students, Marler Clark represented a number of other Michigan residents in the outbreak.

Public health officials in Michigan first became aware of the E. coli outbreak when students at MSU fell ill with E. coli infections.  Subsequent outbreaks among Michigan students and Lenawee County Jail inmates led to the discovery that industrial-sized packages of iceberg lettuce supplied to all three institutions by Aunt Mid’s Produce Company of Detroit, who received the contaminated lettuce from Santa Barbara Farms, a California produce grower, was the source of the E. coli outbreak. 

Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) testing confirmed that the three outbreaks were also linked to illnesses among residents of Washtenaw, St. Clair, Wayne, and Lenawee Counties in Michigan, as well as residents of Illinois and Ontario. 


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The E. coli attorneys at Marler Clark have been representing victims of outbreaks since 1993. The law firm has represented victims of the largest E. coli outbreaks in the country, including the 2006 spinach E. coli outbreak and the 2005 Dole lettuce E. coli outbreak.

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